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Ten Things To Help Fight Off Cigarette Cravings

Posted by in Health: Addictions  ~  June 02, 2012 09:27:06 PM

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things you will ever do in your life if you have smoked for any period of time at all. The cravings are usually fairly powerful, and your patience often is worn thin by the littlest things. Still, you do not have to give in to these powerful symptoms. There are ways to combat this horrible habit, and most of them cost little to no money. Forget all the expensive stop smoking aids, and try these ten things first. If none of them help with the cravings, then maybe it is time to see about the stop smoking aids you get through your doctor.

1. Chew some gum.

This is the most common aid in smoking cessation history, and with good reason. The only real downside to this is periodontal disease, but this can be offset by chewing sugarless gum instead.

2. Suck on a Mint

Mint candy is the absolute best thing in the world for cigarette withdrawals. The mint is a natural way to ease them quickly.

3. Take a Walk

Exercise is among the many things that you will find is easier to do once you quit smoking. Ironically, it is also a wonderful way to pass a craving as well.

4. Read a Book

The mind is a funny thing. Many of the cravings for cigarettes are mental, and getting those synapses busy can go a long way toward calming a craving. Pick up a great book and you will quickly feel better.

5. Laugh it Off

Laughter is one of the best ways to forget about a cigarette, and it helps if you have those types of folks around you. Seek out a great joke, or simply tap into a wonderfully funny memory when you feel it coming on.

6. Go Shopping

Cravings can easily be left behind if you go out and shop with some of that money you saved from not smoking. Do not go nuts, but treat yourself to something nice. (As an added benefit the store is nonsmoking so you will be forced to skip the craving)

7. Play a Game

Most any game will do. Keep some neat little mind teasers nearby for those times when you are hit unaware. If you are in a position to do so, play a game that involves activity instead.

8. Talk it over with a Friend

Sometimes simply verbalizing your craving to another for support is enough to help pass through it. Talk with a close confidant about that craving and ask for moral support.

9. Watch a Movie

Again, distraction is the order of the day. Movies do a wonderful job of taking us elsewhere and putting us in a safe place. If you are in a place where this is possible, then a movie is a wonderful way to pass a craving.

10. Pray

A strong spiritual life is the absolute best way to fight through cravings as well as other difficult situations in life. Kneel before your God and ask for help in the fight against cigarettes. He will quickly ease your troubles and set you back on the course to being smoke free.