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How To Build A Backyard Paintball Warzone

Posted by in Recreation: Sports: Pintball  ~  July 09, 2012 12:52:48 AM

Paintball has become one of the most exciting and fun games among teens and young adults in recent years, and with the widespread popularity has come a need for places to play. While many paintball warzones and businesses are still operating, many people want to build their own in the backyard. Here are some tips to build a great backyard paintball warzone of your own:

1. Make sure that when you build your paintball warzone, that you are understanding what you are building. Better still, make sure that your wife, mother, or significant other is aware. A paintball warzone is often a bit much and not always considered home improvement for others in the family, or even the local neighbors. Make sure you are not breaking any zoning laws for your home first and foremost.

2. Once you have the all clear, it is important to figure out the theme of your backyard paintball warzone. Do you want a desert type warzone, or a forest type? Do you want it to be space cadet, or abstract in nature? Get the picture in your head first, and keep in mind what you can afford.

3. You will need plenty of large structures to hide behind, but smaller structures are just as important. Many people focus on only large items, and it makes it cluttered and difficult to navigate. Some of the best structures can be made from large pieces of foam rubber. Cut them up and combine them to create unique structures for your paintball warzone.

4. Make sure you build a wall to store the paintball supplies. Each piece of paintball equipment is expensive as you know, and you will want to be able to easily account for each gun and equipment after playing.

5. Utilize natural trees in the yard, but be sure to have covers built for them to protect them. Many people just blast trees and ruin them. Seems a shame when a simple wrap can solve that problem.

6. Hold a series of tournaments to finance the whole deal. A paintball tournament is sure to bring plenty of friends. Charge a cover, and award half the money to the winner. You keep the other half, and apply it towards keeping the backyard paintball warzone nice and ready to play. Everybody walks away paintball happy!

7. Make sure you have a safe zone that will keep the paint off the back of your house. Perhaps having a line to keep on the other side, or a tree to not go past would do, but you can also buy a large cover for the back of the house if nothing else. These are rather expensive, however, and a bit of an eyesore.

Having a paintball warzone is a pretty big deal and you should be sure it is what you want. Many people build these and then regret it as they have a very colorful backyard and house. If you are sure you want one, then by all means head on out and get it. These tips should help you get started.