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Getting By With Attention Deficit Disorder

Posted by in Health: Mental Health  ~  July 22, 2012 08:18:59 PM

Attention deficit disorder, also known as ADD, is a hard thing to deal with. Up to this day, there is no known cure for the said neurological disorder as doctors only get to diagnose the illness and propose a way that it can be effectively maintained. Once a person gets afflicted with the said disorder, that person will exhibit obvious symptoms in terms of behavior. An increased level of distraction is often noted, as the person with ADD shows difficulty in trying to stick with an activity for a long period of time. They also tend to be more hyperactive and shifts from one place to another apart from simply switching in between activities.

The onset of ADD is often seen during childhood years. From as early as two to three years of age, a child afflicted with the neurological disorder may already begin to exhibit its symptoms. However, it does take a long rigorous process before a child can really be pronounced as having attention deficit disorder. It is best to consult a developmental pediatrician to be able to diagnose the said disorder, as these medical professionals do not simply deal with biological factors but they also consider a great bulk of behavioral profiling for them to fully assess the child. Although a child can be suspected with ADD, behavioral assessment becomes imperative because the number of neurological and developmental disorders belong to a rather large umbrella.

Once a person becomes finally diagnosed with ADD, a series of intervention becomes mapped out. You should remember that when it comes to addressing attention deficit disorder, it does not simply involve diagnosis and then prescription of the needed medication. People afflicted with ADD are actually not that much prescribed with medications unless they really need or in extreme cases as well. Kids diagnosed with the said disorder are rather entered into an intervention program whereby behavioral therapy will be observed. Usually, this is where special education classes come in.

Aside from the individual, family therapy or even group therapy is also prescribed for people afflicted with attention deficit disorder. The person’s family must duly understand the situation of the patient and how they can cope up with the irregularities in behavior. Keeping up and even living with a person known to have ADD becomes extremely difficult especially since these people do not usually let themselves become involved in strict rules and regulations. For the most part, people with ADD will just do what they needed to do regardless of the circumstances.

When it comes to ADD, experts and medical professionals observe that it is the family who becomes affected the most. Those afflicted with the illness themselves do not really realize the gravity of the entire thing. But for the most part, people with ADD do get far ahead in life and they end up in good condition eventually. However, this will not be possible if the person will not undergo early intervention especially during the formative years of his life. Which is why therapies are becoming extremely important.